Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Bangladesh beats India in One Day Cricket

Bangladesh beats India by 15 runs in the second One Day Internationl. The game was played Dec 26th, '04 in Dhaka.

Final Score:
Bangladesh 229/9
India 214/all out (48.5 overs)

This game was Bangladesh's 100th (and 6th win).

- manzoor

Friday, December 24, 2004

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Whistle Blower . . . . .

  • Roger Barnes, Fannie Mae
  • Dr.Jonathan Fishbein, FDA
  • Sherron Watkins, Enron

  • National Whistle Blower

  • - manzoor

    Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Blessings in Disguise

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    Thursday, December 02, 2004

    Arguments / Disagreements . . . .

    It's only natural to disagree and to argue about the disagreements.

    - manzoor
    Circle of . . . .

    • Life -
    • Happiness -
    • Responsibility -
    • Karma -

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    Saturday, November 27, 2004

    Goals & Objectives . . . .

    As I started to write (blog) on this Thanx Giving, I figures I might as well write down my goals / objectives.

    Trying to become a better human being is always before / above all. But this is not quite as measurable, unfortunately. But the following are:
    • Profession / Career -
    • Financial independence - Need to become less dependent on my current profession / career. To this end, I need to find alternate sources of income.

    - manzoor

    Friday, November 26, 2004

    Thanx Giving '04 . . . .

    I [really] wanted to do it this year, but we got invited by some friends and I kinda chickened out :o(

    But, be that as it may, I am Thankful this year to have achieved [somewhat] 1 of my goals / objectives. The other 2 - 3 are coming along very slowly. Completing the first goal wil definitely make 1 of the other much more doable.

    Hopefully, this time next year, I'll be able to say that at least 2 of the other 3 are complete.

    - manzoor

    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    New Job . . . .

    When I started my job hunt, I was a bit frustrated because I wasn't sure how long it'd take. It took 'bout 5-6 weeks.

    I'm gald (and quite excited) to have found this position. I really do like what I've seen so far and am looking forward to starting in less than 2 weeks.

    - manzoor

    Wednesday, November 10, 2004

    Reality TV . . . .

    It took "The Big Loser" and "Wife Swap" to get me to get into Reality Show (not very proud of it, but that is true). Before these 2 shows came on, I've never really watched or followed Reality TV a whole lot. Nothing really against Reality TV, it's more a tiiming thing. I don't really like to watch TV before 10-10:30. The only shows I'll before then would beshows that I was already hooked on. For example, I watched "Seinfeld", "Mad About You", "Fraiser" (as well as many other sitcoms) during their regular time, but never watched "er" or "Law & Order".

    The Big Loser - This show got my attention because I can identify with the participants. Since over weight is such a huge issue - I can totally see this show doing fairly well in the ratings. Of course, they could still screw it up by taking it too far or by not maintaining the balance.

    Wife Swap - This show is of course the classic "the grass is greener on the other side" mentality.

    - manzoor

    Tuesday, November 09, 2004

    Eid-Ul-Fitr . . . .

    Another year of Ramadan has come and almost gone by. Seem like it just got started the other days and now it's almost over. We'll have to wait another 11 month before the next Ramadan. In this time a lot will change (as always). For me, personally, it will mean 2 daughters who are a bit older and, for Ritika specially, probably more interested in learning about fasting and why we observe it when most of the others around us do not.

    - manzoor

    Saturday, October 30, 2004

    The "Information Age" . . . .

    OK, so the dot.com bubble of the '90s has burst. Let's get over it. We are still in the "Information Age" and we have a lot of work left to do to make it more of a reality.

    I believe the foundations, the very basic of the building blocks, have been laid. We now use, and spend money (the consumers vote) on, applications built and provided over the Web. Applications that help us
    • pay our bills
    • buy 'stuff' without a trip to the store, stuff like books, clothing, electronic items and automobiles
    • and even with sharing our thoughts (like this)
    But I firmly believe 10 years from now we will be using more services that leverages the Internet without realizing it. For example, technologies, or combinations of technologies if you will, such as VoIP and broadband will allow us affordable "Video Conferencing" that could literally replace our need / dependency on phone (both the regular and the mobile types).

    Or if we would allow our imagination to expand, we could have "smart card" that any device (car, stereo etc) could be swipe and "know" that it was "I" and consecuently connect the device to other appropriate resources (the stereo would connect to my music collection, the car would start, or not, by itself etc).

    The technological barries at this time are security, bandwidth, infrastructure. All of these are related to Networking (wired, wireless, broadband and security).

    While we're waiting for technolgy to catch up, there are some services that can already be implemented. Electronic Ticketing is probably the time (and environment ;o) ) saving tool. We could take this to the next level by allowing the Traveler and the Transportation provider to interact. For example, 2 hours prior to a Flight the airline can send e-mail, page etc to the passenger and the passenger at that point could have an option to let the airline know if [s]he will not be making it or confirm the seat that was assigned.

    - manzoor

    Sunday, October 24, 2004

    Dot's Place - no more :o(

    "Dot's Place", a local favorite, has been burned down by a fire. I'd only been there once. The food was . . . OK. But that's most likely because I haven't grown up with "soul food" and haven't really grown the taste for it.

    - manzoor

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    Ramadan 2004 . . . .

    Yeap, it's time to fast again. But it's more than just fasting.

    I don't consider myself to be a religious (or a very strict praticiing religious) person, Ramadan has been one of the practices that I have practiced fairly regularly for some time now. Not exactly sure, but I think I've been doing it since 6th / 7th grade. So, for about 20 years (give or take a couple) now I've been fasting for about a month (29 or 30 days) every year.

    Unfortunately this year I didn't find out that the new moon was sighted Thursday (Oct 14th) evening till I was having coffee and reading the paper Friday morning :o( Which wouldn't really be a big deal (I miss a couple every year for various reasons anyway) except the fact that

    Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    15 Years . . . .

    It's heard to believe that I've spent the last 15 years (to the day) of my life here. This is the longest I've ever been in any one place. But more interestingly, in this time I,
    • Went to School
    • Had a few jobs (6 and counting)
    • Got married
    • Had 2 daughters
    • etc, etc, etc
    This is the longest I've ever been in any one place

    Saturday, September 04, 2004

    On the Net . . . . .

    Moved to WORDPRESS.

    I have been "on the Net" for about 11+ years now. Like a lot of my fellow "netters" I too started with archie, gopher etc in the very begining. Then I slowly progressed to the Usenet (initially using rn and later upgrading to trn) and the WWW.

    My very first post was probably to soc.culture.bangladesh. At least that's what I am able to find by Googling for "Manzoorul Hassan" under "Google Groups". The earliest article seems to have been posted July 1993. But I could have sworn my earlier postings were in all caps. I know, I know that's NOT the polite way of posting. But at that time I didn't know any better. On my terminal it (the all caps) was simply easier / better to see. But since I can't seem to Google it, I'll just believe that I am mistaken ;o)

    While I was fairly active in the Usenet, I never got involved in the BBS (online chat) type activities and still have not quite got on the Instant Msg thing. I have finally gotten on the Blog thing (which I'm still fairly new at) and am really enjoying it.

    In my most active days I used to read, and post to,

  • soc.culture.bangladesh
  • rec.travel.*
  • rec.video.*
  • austin.food (which I still am fairly active in)
  • rec.food.*
  • comp.os.linux.*
  • comp.os.os2.*
  • rec.sport.cricket
  • rec.sport.soccer
  • rec.sport.tennis
  • etc

    I have finally picked blogging (technically I picked it back in late '03, but haven't really posted anything yet) and though I'm still a novice (you can tell from this, my very first, blog), I have a good feel for this.

    - manzoor
  • Friday, August 27, 2004

    Career . . . . . .

    From what we earn, we can make a living.
    But from what we give, makes life.

    While the difference between a career and a job is obvious, I don't think we give it much thought. At least I didn't - not as much as I ought to have.

    Interestingly enough, only 5 years ago, still relatively early in my career, I thought more of my career than I do today. Today my only objective is to be able to get and hold a job that'll pay the bills and maybe allow me to save "some" for the future. In part, this has been due to the fact I had chosen "Information Technology" as my career field. The late '90s this was definitely "the" field to be in, but since then things have changed.

    communicating . . . .

    Non verbal communication

    I am sorry that I never learned to play a musical instrument (violin would have been good), draw / paint, or write. Growing up I didn't realize the importance of sharing my thoughts, feelings or opinions or the ability of such action.