Sunday, June 19, 2005

NPR recently re-started an old series - "This I Believe" where people write about and discuss the core beliefs that guide their daily lives. After listening to a few of the essays, I too wanted to add my "This I Believe". But as I was trying to get started, I found that in addition to the many things I believe and hold true to my heart, there were things, and issues, and memories, that I:
  • Remember
  • Come back to
So, instead here is my

These I . . . . .
  • Hold Dear
    • My Family
    • Kindness
  • Remember
  • Strive for
  • Believe
  • Would Like to Mend / Fix
Maybe once, or twice, after I go through this list I too will be able to narrow down that basic core that defines my believes and guide my daily life.

Here also are a few of from the NPR Archives.
- manzoor