Friday, March 18, 2005

Dining Blindly

Just heard of this really "interesting" dining experience. The name of the restaurant is "Blind Cow" and it's in Switzerland. I heard of it on NPR and later Googled fot it.

The concept is novel to say the list. Having heard interviews of a few of the diners I am not sure if I would really like to participate in such an experience. I am fairly certain most of my friends would NOT be interested.

- manzoor

Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein

- manzoor

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Blockbuster's Movie Pass

Yes, I too have signed up for it :o( The deal is, for $9.99/month (for the first month, then it goes up to $14.99) I get to keep 1 movie at a time with me.

I was about to take 2 movies, which came to about $8.50, and the guy at the counter told me about the "new offer".

But I have a plan ;o) I WILL make the most of this (see as many movies as humanly possible) and discontinue by the 3rd week of the plan / $9.99 ($10.81 w/tax).

So far, I have seen:

  1. Week 1
    1. Manchurian Candidate
    2. Dodgeball
    3. Girl with a Pearl Earring
    4. Eulogy
  2. Week 2
    1. Garfield
    2. Where's the Party Yaar?
    3. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
  3. Week 3
    1. Hero
    2. A Home at the End of the World
  4. Week 4
    1. Nepolian Dynamite
    2. Before Sunrise
    3. Before Sunset
Here is a list of movies that I know I still want to watch:
  1. Bridget Jones' Diary - Edge of Reason
  2. Finding Neverland
  3. Being Julia
Had also meant to rent The Incredibles. But not being able find a copy available for 2 weeks, I went and bought one.

- manzoor