Monday, April 18, 2005

Being Married

More precisely, staying married - is it really so hard?

- manzoor

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Videos on Google

I just found out about the service,, and have been wondering - why would I want my videos on google?
  • Safe storage
  • Retreive from anywhere
But at the same time, what about:
  • Privacy
Of course, I guess, I could upload footage that aren't very private. I could upload videos of a Sunrise, or a Sunset.

- manzoor

Monday, April 04, 2005

Healthier Me ;o)

OK, my health is not in the best of state. I know it.

Some of the things I'm doing currently:

  • Stop Coffee (have already stopped on March 4th)
  • Cut down Meat / Fish
  • Add regular Physical Activity

Stop Coffee: Over the last few years I have gotten fairly hooked on Coffee :o( It's to a point now that I have been needing coffee just to wake up.

Cut down Meat / Fish: Last year I tried the low carb diet (had successfully lost ~36lbs over a 5-6 month period). This time, I am going to try the other way around - cut down on meat (preferably totally, but practically probably significantly).

Add regular Physical Activity: I will never be very physically active - I know it. I prefer to sit around to doing stuff. But I will add some sort of physical activity (not necessarily too strenous) that is about an hour, an hour and a half long. Walking would be good.

- manzoor